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January 5, 2019

After what feels like ages, but is only 7 weeks, I am now leaving Sydney with my cousins to go and explore Western Australia! 


Sydney has been an absolute dream and somewhere I could imagine calling home. The laid back, healthy, outdoor lifestyle here is so enjoyable and I’ve been able to catch up with plenty of friends and family! 

Delicious roasted cauliflower salad.


I started my time staying with my lovely friends Jack and Crimson who very kindly let me stay in their spare room in New Town. My first couple of days were spent exploring the city and handing out CV’s - very tricky to get a job when you’re only staying for a short time. They took me to all their favourite eating spots and we had lots of delicious home made meals. We also visited the Marrickville Markets which was full of stalls selling fresh fruit and veg as well as many other goodies. 


My cousin Sophie arrived a few days later than me and after a trip to see the Opera House and Harbour Bridge we came across a cafe selling smoothie bowls who wanted to employ us both! We were offered 5 shifts per week each working in the kitchen making the food - just what we were looking for. 


My first attempt at coffee art.


During my stay I decided to treat myself to a one day barista course to learn how to make proper coffee. It was so much fun and very full on but I learnt loads including how to make coffees look very pretty! It’s a lot harder than it looks and mastering the art of ‘free pouring’ the milk to make a design on the top can take about 6 months. I was rubbish, with the design above done by spooning blobs of milk on and using a spike to drag through the dots in a circle to form hearts.


Bronte swimming pool next to the sea.


After a few weeks with my friends Soph and I rented a spare room in an Air BnB in Bondi. Bondi is on the coast so it meant we could go for a swim before or after work and chill at the beach when the sun came out. We enjoyed the coastal path and made the most of the free swimming pool by the sea at Bronte for a morning dip - it might look warm but the water was absolutely freezing! 


With Soph being vegan I decided I would join her in eating this way whilst we stayed together to see how it made me feel and also for ease of cooking. I have to admit after a few weeks I did feel a difference, never feeling bloated and also loosing a little weight. It’s very easy to have this diet whilst in Sydney as so many restaurants are purely vegan so we made the most of visiting them. One of my favourites was where we had vegan pie, mash & gravy - absolutely delicious, and another which had pastries to die for! 


One of the smoothie bowls at work we make.


Working was a big part of Sydney life and we made some great friends from being there. The kitchen was always boiling hot and normally busy but it was nice to be part of the action and back prepping food like I’m use to at home. The company is called ‘Bare Naked Bowls’ and I would recommend a visit if you’re ever in Sydney. 


Vegan Banana & Chia Pancakes from Speedo’s Cafe in Bondi. 


Our night at ‘Cork & Canvas’.


On the 23rd of December we moved to Manly to a lovely apartment where we stayed for Christmas and New Year. We were joined by Sophie’s Brother Tom and a couple of days later his girlfriend Meg. Manly is in the North of Sydney meaning our commute to work was now via ferry - very exciting! 


Christmas didn’t feel very Christmassy but we made it as special as possible. With two of my main friends also being in Sydney, we all came together for a lovely brunch, spent the afternoon at the beach and had a summery Christmas dinner in the evening, followed by games and lots of FaceTime sessions to everyone at home. 


Veganism went out the window when I served the smoked salmon and scrambled eggs for brunch but I decided when we get to Perth I’m going to go back to it, after feeling bloated mainly from dairy over the week. 


For Sophie’s Christmas present I booked us onto a painting session at ‘Cork & Canvas’, where you bring wine and nibbles and get talked through how to paint a picture. We had a great time, finding it very funny, and not being too disappointed with the results! Something I would definitely recommend if you get the chance to do. 


The weather stayed beautiful all week so we had lots of time on the beach and enjoyed the Manly to Spit walk, even if it was boiling!! 


New Years Eve arrived and with nothing booked we deicded to avoid the busyness of the city and watch the fireworks from afar. Unfortunately the heavens opened for most of the evening leaving us a little soggy but it didn’t dampen our spirits and we enjoyed the display. I would love to come back and see it again upclose, maybe from a boat to avoid the crowds. 


My time in Sydney has felt very special and I’ve loved every minute of it. Seeing so many of my closest friends and being with family means we’ll all share these memories forever. The four of us now fly to Perth to meet Sophie and Tom’s parents and little sister Eliza for a month of travelling in Western Australia. I’ve heard so many wonderful things and it’s meant to be very quiet and beautiful. It feels like a huge section of my travelling is now complete but I’m excited for what’s ahead - and now it’s less than 2 months until I meet Mum and Dad in NZL! 


The view of the harbour from the ferry. 

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