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April 7, 2019

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Bali & Beyond

October 5, 2018

Good evening from Bali!  


This is my first travelling blog since leaving the Uk 4 weeks ago, and boy has it flown by. It seems like the right time to give everyone an update on how the adventure is going as tonight I’m leaving the beautiful Indonesia to head to Australia. 


Our adventure started in the lovely little town of Canggu, best know for its waves to surf and many cafes. It’s 100% my favourite place we’ve been to in Bali beaucse of these such cafes. Sophie, my younger cousin and travelling companion, already knows the surfing basics but I opt for a lesson which gives me false confidence that I’m better than I think. The next day when going out alone I realise that without a huge foamy board and the instructor to give me a push I have no hope! Our mornings and evenings are spent in an array of eateries where the menus are written as if they know all our favourite foods. Smoothie bowls, avo on toast, pancakes with tropical fruit - the breakfast choices are amazing.  The dinner options are just as good with traditional curries, veggie & vegan delights and just about any cuisine you fancy. 

A delicious Pumpkin & Tempe  Salad Bowl. 


Ubud was the next stop on our journey, know for its famous Monkey Forest, yoga and rice paddies. I quickly learned I don’t like monkeys when they decided to jump on my bag.  We explore waterfalls and visit a place where you can swing over the rice paddies! 


Our next destination is away from Bali in the Nusa Islands. It’s a 20 minute boat trip south and we arrive first at Nusa Penida which seems very untouched and away from the tourist crowds. Here we can go snorkelling and take a trip to see the many amazing sites around the island. The scenery is spectacular and something you only ever see on your computer screen saver! 


The amazing Kelingking Beach.


After three nights here we headed to the smaller island of Nusa Lembongan which is more touristy but still as beautiful before heading back to the mainland. We then spent a week in Uluwatu and the surrounding areas. Again, the food was delicious and gave me the opportunity to photograph all our meals, and the menus, giving me lots of ideas for my return.  There were so many little beaches to explore with Sophie going off to surf whilst I relaxed and read many books. We also went to watch the Uluwatu Temple Fire Dance where a huge choir of men chant for an hour whilst a story is told in the middle of them, ending with a man dressed as a monkey kicking fire into the audience (luckily we were sat at the back). 


Sunset over Bingin Beach.


From here I took a little trip on my own to the island of Flores, to the east of Bali. What an incredible place! I visited the Komodo National Park to see the very lazy looking dragons, snorkelled with turtles and have never seen so many starfish. Throughout the 5 days I was there, I travelled east through the mountains seeing many scenic views, huge rice paddies, traditional villages and black sand beaches. The final morning has to be the highlight however as I climbed the volcano Kelimutu to watch the sun rise. It was so beautiful and the light revealed the three crater lakes, each a different colour which change every few months due to their gas composition. 


Sunrise at Mt. Kelimutu. 


Back in Bali I found Sophie again and we returned to Canggu for our final few days. I know some of you will be wondering how I’ve been getting on health wise (I’m type 1 diabetic as of a year ago). There’s been a few highs and lows in my blood sugars due to heat and lots of eating out but overall I’ve been really well. It’s always a challenge to ask for ice to keep my insulin cool when there’s no fridge available but the people here have been so friendly and willing to help. 


Snorkelling in Flores. 


Now onto our next part of our adventure, Australia! We fly tonight to Cairns and I’m sure we’ll be going out to The Great Barrier Reef in the next few days, before spending a month or so travelling down the east coast. I hope you’ve enjoyed my little update and everything is well back home. 


Sending lots of love, Holly x 




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