Why this? Why now?

Growing up on a farm I've always had a passion for food and led a healthy lifestyle. I spent my teenage years baking everything under the sun, both the naughty and nutritious! My love of cooking led me to study Food and Nutrition at Sheffield Hallam University where I learnt all about the food industry as well as how our bodies respond to what we eat. 

Since Uni I've worked for different food companies as well as catering for yoga days and weekend retreats. I am happiest when in the kitchen cooking with ingredients out of our garden. Even though I occasionally eat meat and fish as part of my diet, I love the excitement and varied flavours of vegetarian food and want to help more people discover this. 

So why is now the right time? I've always wanted to have my own company and eventually hope my catering will grow big enough to allow me to have a healthy cafe/deli. In August 2017, I fell suddenly ill and was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. This is nothing to do with diet and lifestyle but means my pancreas no longer produces insulin. I therefore have to inject myself before eating, so carbohydrates, both sugars and starches, can be converted into energy for my body to use. Currently the reason Type 1 can suddenly affect someone is unknown and at present there is no cure. 

The diagnosis hit me pretty hard and I found work too much to cope with. Even though I have come to terms with having Type 1, I still have low days where I ask 'why me'? Being in the kitchen creating new dishes is what I love to do so I'm turning this big change in my life into a new opportunity. I hope my weekly food boxes will bring pleasure to others through being nutritious but most of all delicious! 

After taking a break from catering to travel to Australia and New Zealand, I am now back and ready to cook once more. I feel full of inspiration and I'm excited to share all that I've learnt over the past months through my food.

Holly x

Leadenham, Lincoln

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